Baltimore Maritime Exchange Membership Information

The Baltimore Maritime Exchange is a membership supported non-profit vessel traffic information service. Our goal is to provide timely and accurate reporting on all commercial vessel activities both at the Port of Baltimore and the several other ports within the Chesapeake Bay region where deep draft commercial vessel activity takes place.

Membership dues remain at $375.00 per calendar year and provide the member with telephone call in privileges to our watch standers during regular business hours seven days per week.

Additional Membership Options:

Web Access

The most up to date information is to be found on the BME website. Website members have access to our "real time 24/7" vessel activity website. This service provides all of the same reporting parameters offered from our standard reports with the added benefit of the information on the website being updated all day, every day, and presented both in a live format or PDF file format (that must be manually refreshed) for viewing and or printing. Web Access Reporting is the best value and can be added at only $15.00 per month - A total of $555.00 per year!

Standard Reports

Report Description
0600 Report issued 0600 hours seven days a week Lists all arrivals from 0600 hours the previous day up to 0600 hours on the day report issued, includes all vessels in transit or at anchor
Noon Report issued 1200 hours Monday through Friday Lists all arrivals from 12 noon the previous day up to 12 noon on the day report issued, includes all vessels in transit or at anchor. Also lists all vessel departures from the previous day. Monday's noon report summarizes all activity from 12 noon on Friday through 12 noon on Monday
3 Day Due In List issued 1200 hours each day Three day listing of vessels expected at the Pilot stations, both at cape Henry and at the C&D Canal. Information on vessel name, flag, last port of call, LOA, speed, draft, berth and agent is included in this report
Weekly Tentative Arrivals List issued each Friday at 1000 hours Listing of vessels tentatively scheduled to call at the Port over a seven day period includes vessel name, flag, tentative date of arrival, tentative berth and agent.
Monthly Traffic Arrivals by Agent Summary Report issued at the beginning of each month Provides a statistical summary of vessel arrivals by agent of record, ship type, berth, and arrival date.
Special Reporting Special Reports can be provided starting at a $50 fee, depending on the type of request. Special Report quotes can be requested by emailing us at 

Monthly Fee Details

Report Qty Per Month Per Year Total with Dues
One Report $20 $240 $615
Two Reports $22 $264 $639
Three Reports $24 $288 $663
Four Reports $26 $312 $687
Five Reports $28 $336 $711